Pathways Clubhouse makes the Top 10 Charities in Canada

Very well done Dave! We are so very proud of you . . . and all ( members, staff and the community of Richmond, BC.)

November 18, Pathways Clubhouse for mentalWELLness was recognized as Canada’s most effective charity supported delivery of resources for mental health. This weekend in Victoria I see news articles speaking on local solutions to our recent tent city that were described as being akin to warehousing the “homeless” off our streets. There are many dedicated groups seeking to help our homeless. Providing housing is vital but by itself it is clearly an insufficient approach.

As we saw in the Tent City community, the residents sought to work together to help resolve their problems. The formed fire circles and support groups. This illustrated again the remarkable reality of human resourcefulness and strength of spirit.

I believe we need to make a distinction between Enable Housing and Warehousing. The Clubhouse International approach brings into play the proven matrix of daily empowerment to help people along the pathway of mental WELLness.

Why does it work, why is showing proven outcomes over other systems. I believe it is because it involves in its core values and operational design input from those people dealing with their own challenging journey to mental wellness.

Clubhouse International was founded in 1948 by patients that fell through the gaps of established pharmaceutical, medical based approaches. Instead, these “patients” designed a community based system for themselves as full and respected “members” that allowed them to draw strength from those around them. This membership provided the connections and supports they felt would help their personal journeys to mental WELLness.

The success rate of members returning to independent living, back to work, back to families and back to community has been proven in 330 cities around the world. The improvement in members self-worth and self esteem is included in the Clubhouse International approach as an essential ingredient to yield the biggest outcomes.

Fred Haynes, Councillor

District of Saanich

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