W.F. Foster, President, Vancouver Island Criminal Justice Association

To Whom It May Concern.

The Vancouver Island Criminal Justice Association supports "Moms Like Us" in their efforts to establish a Clubhouse International facility in the Capital Region.

As was made clear at our recent public forum "Mental Healthe and Criminal Justice: Changing the Links" the current crisis facing many British Columbia municipalities trying to provide support to the mentally ill requires a multi-program response from community based support through to secure treatment beds.  Too often a police intervention leading to criminal justice response has become the fall back position where an adequate range of services and programs are not available.

The Richmond Canadian Mental Health Association Pathways Clubhouse experience provides stability, skills, and support based on work ordered day to people with serious and persistent mental illness.  it exemplifies the effective community based response advocated by "Moms Like Us" for our region.

W.F. Foster

Vancouver Island Criminal Justice Association