Rob Flemming, MLA, Victoria-Swan Lake

To Whom It May Concern:

As the MLA for Victoria-Swan Lake, I am writing on behalf of the "Moms Like Us" to express my support in their application to establish a CMHA Clubhouse model outreach program in Greater Victoria.  In recent years, a number of facilities providing support for individuals with mental health issues have been cut back or closed in our region.  It is critical that we address the growing gap in service for people with mental illness.

I appreciate that the CMHA Clubhouse model provides stability, skills, and support through a structure of work-ordered days for those it serves.  It helps them reclaim their lives through a nurturing environment that focuses on each individual's strengths and talents, rather than their illness.  Moreover this model also benefits those who still provide services and supports in Greater Victoria.

Clubhouse International is already well established in BC communities like Richmond, who have demonstrated positive results.  There is mounting evidence of the success of the Clubhouse model in contributing to clients recovery and reduced emergency psychiatric hospitalization rates.

Again I wholeheartedly support this group of parents application and offer my unqualified support to their efforts to establish this highly valuable program for those living with mental illness in our community.


Rob Flemming, MLA
Victoria-Swan Lake