Malcolm Brodie, Mayor, City of Richmond

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Powell:

Re:  CMHA Pathways Clubhouse

Thank you for the e-mail correspondence of March 7, 2014 in which you seek support for the establishment of a Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) Pathways Clubhouse in Victoria.

As Mayor, I certainly acknowledge the invaluable service provided to residents with serious and persistent mental illness through the Pathways Clubhouse operated by the Richmond Branch of the CMHA.  In the supportive, skills-based environment of the Clubhouse, many are helped to reach their educational, employment and relationship goals.  Through the City's Health, Social and Safety Grant Program, Richmond City Council provides an annual grant to support their meal program, as well as to assist with operating expenses.

Should you seek further information about the Pathways Clubhouse, please contact the Executive Director, Dave MacDonald, at 604-276-8834.  He may be able to provide you with advice regarding the establishment of such a facility in your community.

Yours truly,

Malcolm D. Brodie