Kodi Gibson, President, Saanich Legacy Foundation

May 1, 2017

To Whom It May Concern:

Subject: The Establishment of a Clubhouse International in the Greater Victoria Area - To Support Those With a Mental Illness to Lead Happy and Productive Lives

The Saanich Legacy Foundation fully supports the formation of Connections Place in the Greater Victoria Area.  Connections Place will join the netwok of 330 Clubhouses globally that help 100,000 people each year with a mental illness.  To have this comprehensive system of community care in the GVA will guide people to social inclusion to live and thrive in society.  By doing this the demand on emergency services will be reduced.

Several members of the Saanich Legacy Foundation have visited the Pathways Clubhouse in Richmond, BC.  The restorative environment provides opportunities and purpose and meaning to lives disrupted by mental illness.  Connections Place will strive to follow the 37 International Standards compiled by Clubhouse International.  The outcome will be a place where people come to rebuild their lives, and talents and strengths are discovered and encouraged.

Pathways Clubhouse has achieved a Social Return on Investment of 14:1 and was named One of the Top Ten Impact Charities in Canada by Charity Intelligence Canada in November 2016.

The Saanich Legacy Foundation is committed to helping Connections Place become a reality and will support this cause full-heartedly until charity status is achieved.  There is no doubt that this world-renowned program is direly needed in our community.

Yours sincerely,


Kodi Gibson, President
Saanich Legacy Foundation