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Clubhouse International mental illness program closer to fruition in Victoria

When Jackie Powell saw homeless people sleeping on the streets of downtown Victoria, she assumed everything was being done to help them.

Gala raises $600,000 for mental health facility for Greater Victoria

The dream of a new Greater Victoria facility to serve those living with mental illness became a step closer to reality following a fundraising dinner in Saanich earlier this month.

Families Unite to Fill in Gaps on Mental Health

The first time her son was discharged from a hospital after a mental-health breakdown, Jackie Powell had no idea where to turn for help.  “It was a real challenge getting him back into a life,” Powell said. “It’s hard to find the help you need when all the services are in bits and pieces everywhere.”

Pathways Clubhouse help builds confidence after mental health crisis

Cornish has been a member of Pathways Clubhouse in Richmond for 15 years since he was discharged from Riverview Hospital in Coquitlam after treatment for delusional thinking. Living in the big city, away from his family in Bella Coola on the Central Coast, his life could have taken a bleak turn.

Moms on agenda in Saanich

Saanich council has invited Moms Like Us to speak as a delegation later this summer.   Saanich is one of the remaining municipalities Moms Like Us has yet to approach as it seeks to add another endorsement to the many it has collected from Sidney to Colwood, as well as from the mayor of Oak Bay and the regional police chiefs.

Employers Asked to Step Up for Mental Health

The human impacts of mental illnesses are relatively well-known. But the economic consequences, due to a host of reasons including lost productivity and employee absenteeism, may not be so clear.

Why our money doesn't go toward mental health: A cause for concern

In 2013/14, the Canadian Cancer Society raised $198.5 million and the B.C. Cancer Foundation raised another $36.3 million to combat cancer. Lapels were donned with daffodils, relays upon relays were run and Canada’s most affluent danced at black-tie galas.

Comment: 'Clubhouse' for Mentally Ill a Good Fit for City

At a recent Christmas event, I was asked to share my hopes and dreams for 2015.  I didn't have to think for a second - the answer is a rehabilitation program for people struggling with a mental illness.  A programdoes exist and it is called Clubhouse International ( and it originated in New York City in 1948.

Pathways Welcome Justin Trudeau

Federal Liberal leadership candidate Justin Trudeau dropped by Pathways Clubhouse on Thursday to hear the challenges of those with mental health issues.

Victoria Moms Aim to Help Young People with Mental Illness

For an Oak Bay mother, it started out when her teenage son developed stomach aches every morning, when he needed to get up for school.

Within a year, the difficulty going to school, something the mother assumed was part of an adolescent phase, became chronic, a daily, ongoing battle with mental illness.