Rebuilding Lives with Connections Fundraising Dinner

Thursday, May 11, 2017 - 17:30
Uptown at the Point - Above Best Buy

Thank you everyone who joined us May 11th

The Point –Uptown

To Rebuild Lives of Those With a Mental Illness

Uptown made the evening possible! An amazing community partner and the Board cannot thank them enough for their dedication, generosity and belief in Connections Place.

Announcing a wonderful donation of $500,000 from an anonymous donor - thank you so much!  This is the beginning of our Clubhouse!  So appreciated - what an honour to receive this significant amount of funding! This is the foundation for our Clubhouse!  So exciting and we thank this organization from the bottom of our hearts.   And thank you to Bruce and Laurel Saunders too - for your lovely donation of $50,000 - thank you!  Every dollar will help Connections Place a reality.

100+ Women – you are a special group of people making a real difference to help charities reach their goals. What a night that was to spend 2 hours meeting nice people and walking away as the recipient of $24,000! What an honor and thank you for believing in us.

The Saanich Legacy Foundation – thank you for partnering with us and sharing our target of having this life-rebuilding program here in the Greater Victoria Area.

The Connections Place Volunteers – you all pulled together these last few months and the Board values and appreciates your time.

The Sponsors, Silent Auction and Community Support contributors – what an amazing collection of items and services you have provided – we are truly grateful by your generosity.

Out of town guests – thank you for coming to help us get the job done!

The African proverb ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ holds true with this goal of establishing Connections Place. It is going to take an entire village to bring a Clubhouse to our community.

By Joining the Support - you are helping to build the foundations for Connections Place. We will be new to our community – but not new to the world. The first Clubhouse is Fountain House in New York City – it started out in 1948. Due to it’s successful outcomes there is now a network of 330 Clubhouse internationals in the world. 18 of those are in Canada.

The members of our board know how easy it is for much loved people to fall through the gaps. By supporting Connections Place Society you are helping erase the stigma surrounding mental illness – this stigma prevents so many people from finding and receiving meaningful help.

The Board chose Connections Place as the name of our Society as we knew networking and making connections would be the driving force behind this humanitarian goal of ours.