Dr. William Shoichet, WNS/per nlk

To Whom It May Concern,

As a practicing family physician, I regularly encounter patients, or family members of patients with a severe and persistent mental illness.  i witness that the gap between hospital and home life can be a very large one, particularly if family support is not available.

Clubhouse International will give people with serious and persistent mental illness meaning and purpose in their lives.  Isolation and lonliness are by-products of mental illness.  Years that other have used to get an education, begin a career, and start a family have sometimes been spent in and out of hospitals.  Experiences that are parts of ordinary lives in a society are often foreclosed by mental illness.

I support a Clubhouse International being established here soon to complement existing services.  A clubhouse International will assist me as a physician, as my patients with mental health challenges often need more than just my clinical services.  Our vulnerable citizens deserve this chance to regain thier health, well-being and become contributing citizens in our community.  For further information, please view www.iccd.org.


Dr. William N. Shoichet
WNS/per nlk