Dr. John Higenbottam, PhD

20 April, 2017

To whom it may concern:

Re: Connections Place

I am writing to support the initiative of the Connections Place organization to develop a Clubhouse in the Greater Victoria area for young people and adults living with serious mental illness.  Clubhouses are an important evidence based practice which results in substantially improved outcomes for individuals in terms of successful community living and improved quality of life.  Additionally, Clubhouses are often the entry point for employment programs which are important to recovery.

Because of their effectiveness, Clubhouses are an important component of mental healt services in many BC communities such as Vancouver and Richmond.  Accordingly, The Connections Place initiative to develop a Clubhouse meets a current gap and identified need for services in the Greater Victoria area.

I also wish to mention that the development of an accredited Clubhouse has also been a recommendation of review of mental health services in the South Island area.  As a charitable organization, Connections Place is well positioned to provide the leadership and obtain the resources necessary to develop this Clubhouse.



John Higenbottam, PhD

Faculty Emeritus, Douglas College

Clinical Professor, Psychiatry, UBC