Don Evans, Executive Director, Our Place


Re: In support of Clubhouse International for Serious and Persistent Mental Health Illness

This model of psychosocial rehabilitation (PSR) will be a welcome additional support to our community of people with persistent and serious mental health challenges.  When people leave the hospital, without family support this can create a gap of service.  Individuals are at great risk for homelessness and recidivism.

Clubhouse International is included in SAMHSA's National Registry of Evidence-Based Best Practices (SAMHSA: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration).  Clubhouse is effective in helping people with mental illness regain their self-confidence and footing in the world and move on with their education or employment.  A signifcant amount of research supports that members have good employment outcomes, reduced incarcerations and hospitalizations.

The clubhouse outreach program would touch many lives.  To have clubhouse members visit the hospital and reach out to those who in a very painful place would give so much hope back into a person's life.  I would be a lifeline and a bridge to recovery.  If a member is expected at the Clubhouse and doesn't show up they receive a phone call or visit.  There is always follow-up to let the member know he or she is missed.

It can be challenging and frustrating for people struggling with their mental health to understand and navigate the various programs and resources available in the community.  Clubhouse International will connect people to community services that best suit their needs.

The work ordered day provides stability, support, camaraderie, community and belonging.  Further information can be found at

Yours truly,

Don Evans
Executive Director