Dave MacDonald MacDonald, Executive Director, Pathways Clubhouse

May 1, 2017

Re: Establishment of Clubhouse International in Victoria, BC

The Clubhouse International Model is an evidence based, cost effective program that provides community based services for those with a mental illness. I have been employed by Pathways Clubhouse for the past 33 years and became the Executive Director in 2002. Furthermore, since 1995, I have been on the Faculty for Clubhouse Development. This experience has allowed me to witness everyday, at our Clubhouse and around the world, lives that are transformed. This is a vital service to rebuild the lives of those with mental health challenges.

Pathways Clubhouse is a member of and accredited by Clubhouse International. This model guides people to social inclusion (homes, education, employment and meaningful healthy relationships). Pathways Clubhouse was recognized by Charity Intelligence Canada as being one of the Top Ten Impact Charities in Canada in November 2016.

Pathways Clubhouse has achieved a Societal Return on Investment of 14:1. We are able to accomplish this because we follow the 37 International Standards that Clubhouse International has developed. We steer people away from emergency services and in place provide people with opportunities to live and thrive in society.

For the past three years, through Clubhouse International, I have been the mentor for the Victoria Clubhouse Start-up group. This group is committed to see Connections Place established. Dedicated parent, Jackie Powell, Chair of Connections Place Society, has attended New Development Clubhouse Training, and International and Regional Clubhouse Seminars, and has forged ahead gaining support to establish Connections Place Society.

The Greater Victoria Area will benefit greatly with the addition of Connections Place which will strive to follow the 37 International Standards. Benefits to the community will include help for families, neighbours, friends and businesses. We believe that Connections Place will have the same results in regards to a Social Return on Investment, a great cost savings to the community and exceptional results to those using the services. With Victoria struggling with homelessness for several years, having Connections Place will be an addition to the social safety net that is direly needed in our capital city.


Dave MacDonald
Executive Director