Carole James, MLA, Victoria - Beacon Hill

Dear Jackie and Howard Powell,

I am writing to express my support for the establishment of a Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) Pathways Clubhouse in Victoria.  Such a facility would provide much-needed additional support in our community for persons living with mental illness.

I appreciate that the CMHA Clubhouse Model provides stability, skills and support through a model of work-ordered days for those it serves. It helps them to reclaim their lives through a nurturing environment that focuses on the person's strengths and talents, rather than their illness.

The personal support, camaraderie, sense of community belonging and hope that Pathways provides is exceptionally important for those it serves.  In other places where Pathways Clubhouses are operational, they are making a big difference both for the members and for those who provide services and support in the greater community.

At a Victoria presentation on the Pathways Clubhouse in Richmond, I was impressed by the focus on support, respect, and on ensuring each idividual has an opportunity to ba a contributing member of the Pathways Clubhouse.  It is an approach that lays a solid foundation for them to go forward into the community and live their lives in productive and satisfying ways.

I would be a great asset to our community to have such a facility up and running here in Victoria, and I wish you success in your pursuit.  You have my support.

Yours sincerely,

Carole James,
MLA, Victoria - Beacon Hill