Cairine Green, Councillor, District of Oak Bay

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Powell:

I am writing to you to express my support for bringing a Clubhouse for Mental Illness to the Greater Victoria area.  There are over 400 of these facilities worldwide (eighteen in Canada) and they are seen as an accredited, evidence-based and effective model proven to address the needs of those who suffer from mental disorders.  "Moms Like Us," a local advocacy group, invited me to write a letter of support, given that there is no such resource in Victoria and we know that mental illness is one of the key issues in our community that contributes to poverty, homelessness and substance addiction.  I understand that one in five Canadians will suffer a mental illness in their lifetime and in the Greater Victoria area, police and other agencies have witnessed a significant increase in calls related to mental health cases.

I do hope that Greater Victoria will see a Clubhouse established here, to complement existing mental health programs and services which are overburdened.  As a former Probation Officer, Family Court Counsellor and Family Mediator, I know that many of our so-called criminal cases are less about criminal behaviour and much more about untreated mental illness.

Thank you for your consideration.


Cairine Green
District of Oak Bay