Bradley Clark, CFP, Chair of Victoria Cool Aid Society

To whom it may concern:

Re: Mom's Like Us Clubhouse Initiative

I am an Investment Advisor With Raymond James.  I am also the current Chair of the board of Directors of the Victoria Cool Aid Society.

It is without hesitation that I write this letter of recommendation in support of the application for an accredited Clubhouse in the Victoria region.  The Clubhouse ititiative will help provide an important addition to the current services required in our region to help the adult population dealing with serious mental illness.

One of the largest issues in the Victoria area these days is lack of affordable housing, homelessness and mental illness, issues that are all interconnected.  We have many great service providers trying to provide support to this populating, but to add the services offered from an accredited Clubhouse here in our community would certainly go a long way to help with this growing issue.

I have come to know about Moms Like Us through a friend whose own situation has led her to join and seek help from Mom's Like Us, she has been advocating for a Clubhouse in our community because she has run out of options to help support adult child struggling with mental issues.  Without thlove and support she provides her son, I expect that he would be on the streets today in a much worse situation than what he currently faces.  A clubhouse will help provide a safe environment to help her son achieve success in properly dealing with his mental health issues, help with employment, education and providing a solid foundation to offer future success in contributing and enjoying the community we all live in.

This program will certainly offer a community to young adults suffering from mental health issues and in turn keep them from ending up on the streets without any support at all.  The research provided from Clubhouse International suggests that this model is well worth having in our community.

Kind Regards,

Bradley Clark