Paul Reshaur - Board Member

Sergeant Paul Reshaur

Sergeant Paul Reshaur has been a police officer in the RCMP for the past 20 years, with the majority of his service in the Metro Vancouver area.  Paul has worked a variety of duties starting off with several years of General Duty patrol work in Richmond, then moving on to plainclothes investigations in the Serious Crime Unit where he worked on a number of homicides, kidnappings, and other serious crimes.  After some seven years in Richmond, Sgt. Reshaur moved into leadership roles at North Vancouver and Burnaby Detachments in both uniformed and plainclothes capacities before heading over to Afghanistan for a nine month stint training Afghan police, prosecutors and judges in a variety of criminal justice topics.

Upon his return to Canada, the newly-married Mountie headed up North where he was the Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge of the Rural Prince Rupert Unit, working primarily with remote First Nations communities dotted along the West Coast of British Columbia. He then returned to Canada's largest RCMP detachment - Surrey, where he continued his leadership development in Operational and Community Policing roles. For the past year, Sgt. Reshaur has been happily posted to the West Shore Detachment where he is a Watch Commander, responsible for a patrol team that polices five diverse communities in western Greater Victoria.

Paul has been deeply affected by close friends and family living with mental health challenges and is thrilled at the opportunity to contribute to an innovative approach to these issues in the community in which he works and lives.

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