Barbara Desjardins, Mayor, Township of Esquimalt

To Whom It May Concern,

On behalf of the Council of the Township of Esquimalt, I am confirming our support of the establishment of an Accredited Clubhouse International in Greater Victoria.

Council recently received a presentation by Mom's Like Us group advocating for the establishment of a Clubhouse in Greater Victoria, a patient-centered, recovery-based, employment-focused approach to psychosocial rehabilitation.

To become accredited, Clubhouses must have a transitional employment program where they partner with locl businesses who agree to hire CLubhouse members.  Access to meaningful, regular work is a key challenge for people living with mental health challenges, yet it is so important for dignity and empowerment.

Mental illness, homelessness, lack of affordable housing and poverty are reaching a crisis level in Greater Victoria and our most vulnerable residents are struggling and need our care, support and attention.  Our largest challenge is prevention, and to help people before they end up on the streets.  This is where an accredited Clubhouse could fill another large gap.

I agree wholeheartedly with Mayor Lisa Helps of the City of Victoria, and her statement that the social return on investment is high and the potential savings in policing and health care/acute care costs could be significant.

The Township of Esquimalt looks forward to being an active stakeholder in this important initiative.


Barbara Desjardins'