Andy Brinton, Chief Constable, Oak Bay Police Department

Re: Accredited Clubhouse for Victoria

To whom is may concern,

I would like to take this opportunity to indicate my support for the development of an accredited clubhouse in the Victoria area.  I had the pleasure of meeting with the Moms Like Us group where they presented on the Clubhouse International model.  This is a dedicated group with a clear vision that I think would make a difference.

I can confirm that the police are experiencing a marked increase in mental health related cases.  A situation I see all too often is a family trying to manage an adult child suffering from mental illness by themselves.  The end result is a usually a crisis where we become involved.  Many do not have this family support and hit that point of crisis quicker.  These interventions tax the resources of both the justice and health care systems, not to mention the human cost, and unfortunately these cycles repeat.

I have seen first hand the work of a clubhouse.  It provides structure and support during the initial stages of a person gaining control of their life, a very fragile period.  It provides a central point to consolidate programs and deliver care.  And very importantly, ameans to prepare the client to contribute either by entering the workforce or providing some level of service to the community.  The self esteem this instills is immeasurable.

In closing, while I realize there are some excellent initiatives already in place, I think the clubhouse model would be a real asset to the Greater Victoria area.  I would look forward to having such a structure to refer families and individuals to.

Yours truly

Andy Briton
Chief Constable